Our Services

From Pre-Construction to General Contractor, Transom Builders Group offers an extensive array of construction services. Learn more about the services we offer:


Pre-Construction means getting involved in the earliest planning stages so we can assess the feasibility of a Project, evaluate site conditions, budget schematic designs, and provide preliminary estimates of cost and time requirements. This early involvement helps avert potential project pitfalls, laying the groundwork for future savings and delivering the project on time.

Construction Management

Transom Builder’s Group’s Construction Management services begin with Pre-Construction to identity the project scope, budget, scheduling parameters and site logistics.
As work progresses, we bridge communication between the project’s key players, such as the:

Client’s Reps

This communication is vital to project success, forging smooth cooperation and speedy resolution to any issues as they arise. We also monitor Project costs and schedules.

General Contractor

As General Contractor, our job is to be a trusted adviser and advocate for the Client, while also managing the activities of the subcontractor and consultants. Additionally, we coordinate with local municipalities to acquire required permits and organize necessary building department inspections and sign-offs.

Our track record in the industry enables us to obtain the best qualified and most experienced trades people, who provide premium workmanship in a timely fashion.