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Sarah Walko


Mark Walko

Sarah Walko: Vision, leadership and customer experience summarizes Sarah Walko.

In the 1980’s, after being promoted to Sargent in the Israeli Army, Sarah decided to relocate to England where she first discovered her passion for construction management.  A couple of years later, she immigrated to the United States to pursue more opportunities.


Upon arriving in the U.S., Sarah embarked in several business leadership roles where she honed her sales and customer experience skills. While she was successful, she yearned to return to construction management where she could apply her newly acquired skills.  In early 1990’s, she joined the management team of a general contractor firm in New Jersey.


In 2007, she teamed up with Mark Walko and established Transom Builders Group.  She engages with the business both tactically and strategically. Additionally, she develops strong partnerships with her clients based on her commitment to customer satisfaction.


Sarah and Mark were married in 2010. A relationship built to last.

Great designs are nothing without a great builder. That builder is Mark Walko.


With decades of construction experience, Mark is a successful construction manager with a deep understanding of all phases of construction ranging from ground-up construction to all phases of renovation. With his extensive construction management experience, he delivers technical and cost-effective results on all client projects. Mark’s knowledge of established building codes, regulations, policies, best-practice and safety protocol has saved his clients millions of dollars. Essentially, his commitment to excellence and partnership with ownership are unrivaled in the industry.


With his exceptional leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills, Mark recruits, mentors and leads exceptionally high performing, experienced and dedicated team members. His oversight and accountability extend to maintaining professional working relationships with construction contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and architects. He provides guidance and strategy to ensure that planning makes the investment become a reality. Mark has a sincere zeal about construction and he often says, “I am lucky enough to have never worked a day in my life because I have a passion for what I do.”


Mark’s enthusiasm also extends into his personal life as he works tirelessly with various philanthropic endeavors throughout the Tri-state area.  From organizing charity golf outings to honor our Military heroes and helping soup kitchens feed the hungry, Mark has made it his life’s passion to help others.